Insurance for Weight Loss Surgery in California

Healthy Steps Bariatric and Metabolic Center is committed to providing the most comprehensive and highest-quality care available for the patient with obesity-related health problems. Not all health insurance providers cover such costs completely. The expert insurance and billing specialists at Healthy Steps Bariatric and Metabolic Center will make every effort to work with your insurance carrier to maximize reimbursement for any out-of-pocket expenses you may incur. However, it is important to remember, not all program costs are a covered benefit.

To Help the Possibility of Early Insurance Approval and Reimbursement:

  • Make sure your insurance company covers you for bariatric surgery – gastric bypass, gastric sleeve, Lap-Band® or Realize® Band.
  • Get your medical records together, particularly any documentation of weight-related health problems (tests and treatments for diabetes, sleep apnea, heart conditions, arthritis, high blood pressure, acid reflux disease, stress incontinence, etc.)
  • Write down, to the best you can recollect, an accurate and detailed history of all dieting efforts you have made, including the type, dates, amount of weight lost, length of time you were on the diet.
  • Keep a Positive Mental Attitude (PMA) as you and Healthy Steps exercise persistence, resilience, and determination in pursuing authorization and approval from your insurance carrier!
  • Get informed! Just as it is important to understand the clinical aspects of obesity and weight loss surgery, it is also important to learn about the insurance and financial issues involved. Check out the following website for an excellent discussion of these issues: Obesity Law & Advocacy Center.

Professional Charges:

Most insurance companies cover a portion of the total cost for your procedure.  Typical out-of-pocket expenses vary greatly depending on your insurance plan.  After your individual consultation with your surgeon you will have an administrative consultation. At that time, the non covered expenses will be determined.  We offer a cash-pay program for patients whose insurance does not cover any of the costs.

Please note that Healthy Steps Bariatric and Metabolic Center is a participating provider for obesity surgery with a limited number of insurance companies. Our doctors may be listed as participating providers with a variety of insurance companies for other procedures.

If your primary insurance provider is MediCal, please note that separate policies apply. We do not accept Medicare patients.