Why Fermented Foods Matter Q&A – Goop


“Historically, fermented foods played a significant role in our ancestors’ diets. And according to registered nutritionist and clean-eating coach, Shira Lenchewski, the food world’s recent rediscovery of kimchi, sauerkraut, and even kefir is kind of a big deal. “Nostalgia aside, I’m really hoping this fermentation resurgence sticks because it’s actually really good for us.” In simple terms, fermentation means that the sugars and carbohydrates in a food have been broken down by beneficial (or “good”) bacteria, resulting in the formation of lactic acid, which our taste buds recognize as a complex, pungent burst of flavor. “Fermentation also yields a crucial benefit, far more important than an enhanced flavor profile—a healthy gut.” In fact, that might be part of the reason why food allergies (gluten, lactose, etc.) were nowhere near as prevalent in our grandparents’ days as they are now. Here, Lenchewski breaks down the basics of gut health, its affects on overall wellbeing, and the far-reaching benefits of fermented foods. (For more on gut health from Dr. Junger, click here.)” (Goop)


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“Nuts and Peanuts May Protect Against Major Causes of Death” – Article


“A paper published today in the International Journal of Epidemiology confirms a link between peanut and nut intake and lower mortality rates, but finds no protective effect for peanut butter. Men and women who eat at least 10 grams of nuts or peanuts per day have a lower risk of dying from several major causes of death than people who don’t consume nuts or peanuts. The reduction in mortality was strongest for respiratory disease, neurodegenerative disease, and diabetes, followed by cancer and cardiovascular diseases. The effects are equal in men and women. Peanuts show at least as strong reductions in mortality as tree nuts, but peanut butter is not associated with mortality, researchers from Maastricht University found.”




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CNN: “FDA orders food manufacturers to stop using trans fat within three years”

Screen Shot 2015-06-16 at 4.31.12 PM“In many ways, trans fat is a real tragic story for the American diet,” Nissen said. “In the 1950s and ’60s, we mistakenly told Americans that butter and eggs were bad for them and pushed people to margarine, which is basically trans fat. What we’ve learned now is that saturated fat is relatively neutral — it is the trans fat that is really harmful and we had made the dietary situation worse.” (Dr. Steven Nissen, chair of cardiovascular medicine at Cleveland Clinic)

Get the full article here!

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“This is your body on SODA” Article

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Experience Life Staff wrote, “The effects of soda consumption are dramatic — and speedy. Minutes after you take the first swig, the assault begins, and your body goes into a sugar-induced upward — and then downward — spiral. Here’s what happens.”

Get the full story HERE on what happens 10 minutes, 20 minutes….60 minutes after drinking soda. This may just make you think twice when consuming this sugary, caffeinated beverage.

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BACK ON TRACK with Sharon McKenzie – AUGUST 2015

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Fox News: “5 things about trans fats and the FDA’s proposed phase out”


Fox News just published an article called “5 things about trans fats and the FDA’s proposed phase out”.

Obama’s administration is moving toward getting rid of trans fats in our nation entirely.

“WORST KIND OF FAT: Scientists say there are no health benefits to trans fats, which are used in processing food and in restaurants, usually to improve texture, shelf life or flavor.

Trans fats can raise levels of “bad” cholesterol and lower “good” cholesterol, increasing the risk of heart disease, the leading cause of death in the United States. Trans fats are widely considered the worst kind for your heart, even worse than saturated fats, which also can contribute to heart disease.

The fats are created when hydrogen is added to vegetable oil to make it more solid, which is why they are often called partially hydrogenated oils.” (Fox News)


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Walk With the Doc: 5/28/15

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11 Ways Dehydration Is Making You Fat, Sick and Tired

Check out Simple Organic Life’s website for a great read about hydration and how important it is to one’s health.


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Omega-3 Testing at Healthy Steps



High omega-3’s tend to reduce risk for heart disease and increase healthy brain function.

Get your simple in home tests today to know your numbers! Test will be reviewed with your nutritionist at Healthy Steps upon completion.

$54.95 for 1 test-kit + analysis

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