Walk With the Doc: 5/28/15

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11 Ways Dehydration Is Making You Fat, Sick and Tired

Check out Simple Organic Life’s website for a great read about hydration and how important it is to one’s health.


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Omega-3 Testing at Healthy Steps



High omega-3’s tend to reduce risk for heart disease and increase healthy brain function.

Get your simple in home tests today to know your numbers! Test will be reviewed with your nutritionist at Healthy Steps upon completion.

$54.95 for 1 test-kit + analysis

[re-do test after 3 months and get $10 off your second test]


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North Bay Striving to Double Low-Income Shopper’s Spending Power at Farmer’s Markets


“Seeking to help local farmers and put more nutritious foods on the plates of poor families, the federal government and North Bay nonprofits are teaming up to expand a program that doubles low-income shoppers’ spending power when they buy fruit and vegetables at farmers markets. Under the expanded Market Match program, local food stamp recipients will be able to allocate $10 to $20 of their monthly benefits and in return receive $20 to $40 worth of paper scrip or wooden coins to purchase fruits and vegetables at farmers markets. The program is slated to be available June at 11 farmers markets in Sonoma and Marin counties.” (The Press Democrat)





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Tara Firma Farm Tour this Saturday

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Mark Your Calendar


Don’t forget we would love to have you join us for 2 upcoming Healthy Steps events…


Walk with the Doc: April 23 @ 5:30-6:30p

Tara Firma Farm Tour: May 2 @ 1:00-2:00p

**Please call or email to sign up so we can count on you

brennab@healthystepsinfo.com   OR    707.546-7900


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Good Better Best : Calories + Weight Management


“Be specific in choosing the types of proteins and carbohydrates you eat, because these little things might make a big difference in your weight loss or weight gain later on.” (Medicaldaily)

Tafts University recently came out with a study proving what Dr. Woodbury has been teaching his patients for years. It not just about calories in and out (which is a big part of it!) but it also matters what types of foods you are eating. Some calories are more nutrient dense than others and those are the ones you want to choose more of.

So let’s play a game. Good > Better > Best.

Categorize the following foods from good, better to best.

Q: Hot Dog, Salmon, Ground Turkey




A: Good: Hot Dog,     Better: Ground Turkey,     Best: Salmon

A hot dog is a processed food. This make the hot dog a less desired choice of your calorie intake vs. a fresh caught, cooked to perfection piece of salmon. The salmon makes for a great choice because it is filled with good omega-3’s to fight inflammation and boost cellular health. Be aware, one is more than ok to eat a hot dog but often times there are additives, preservatives and other ingredients that your body does not need. Ground turkey is a great protein option as it is low in saturated fats when compared to red meat but fish reigns to be king per its omega content.

Ok how about another.

Q: Greek Yogurt, Brie Cheese, Ice Cream



A: Good: Ice Cream     Better: Brie Cheese   Best: Greek Yogurt

At Healthy Steps we believe in “food in moderation”. This means take a few bites of the highest quality ice cream. Savor it and enjoy it but eat a moderate amount. But going back to our game, brie would be the next choice on the nutrition scale. Brie cheese is cultured, enzymes are added to coagulate and form the texture and is aged to promote healthy bacteria formation. This cheese should be eaten within a moderate amount due to high fat calories. The best choice of the 3 is the Greek yogurt as far as nutrient content. Greek yogurt is typically low in sugar, high in protein and has living probiotics to boost gut health and immunity making this the best choice of them all. Be sure to read the labels of your yogurt as the varietals will really vary in amounts of sugar and protein. Look for a high protein, low sugar option.


“Our study adds to growing new research that counting calories is not the most effective strategy for long-term weight management and prevention,” said Dariush Mozaffarian, senior author of the study, in the press release. “Some foods help prevent weight gain, others make it worse. Most interestingly, the combination of foods seems to make a big difference. Our findings suggest we should not only emphasize specific protein-rich foods like fish, nuts, and yogurt to prevent weight gain, but also focus on avoiding refined grains, starches, and sugars in order to maximize the benefits of these healthful protein-rich foods, create new benefits for other foods like eggs and cheese, and reduce the weight gain associated with meats.” (Medicaldaily)


Read the full article HERE, it’s worth your time.



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Move it or Lose it


Sitting. It’s what we all do. But are you doing too much of it? “Sitting is the new smoking” states Dr. James Levine. Research is showing that you need plenty of exercise to pay off your “chair debt”. (The Huffington Post)

If your job requires that you sit a lot, we can’t stress enough how important it is that you get up and move. Why you ask?

Researchers have found that prolonged periods of sitting increases the risk of developing illnesses such as cancer, heart disease and type 2 diabetes (Huffington Post). Dr. Levine has a new book called “Get Up!”, a jovial tale of how he came to the scientific conclusion that our chairs are killing us and what can be done to stop the threat. Sitting all day was not what we were created for and is to blame for all kinds of ailments including obesity. (LA Times)

So this is a call to action: use it or lose it, so get up and MOVE IT!


Huffington Post Full Article: “Sitting is the New Smoking”

LA Times Full Article: “‘Get Up!’ or lose hours of your life every day, scientist say”

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Ways to Save at the Grocery Store


We all know it is way too easy to spend extra money at the grocery store. We know we have all been there.

Sometimes we go to the store hungry. That never ends well because “everything looks so good” and there it goes, right into your basket. Or maybe you came without your list being that you didn’t preplan your menu for the week. Well that too can be costly for additional things can end up in your cart because you came without a plan.

We recommend the following tips when grocery shopping to keep you budget friendly:

  • Don’t shop while hungry.
  • Come with a list of what you need. Don’t deviate from your list.
  • Buy items that are in season. They will not only be richer in nutrients but also a better bang for your buck.
  • Go Generic. Getting off-name brands can really save you some cents.
  • Head right to the bulk isle. Bring your own bag/jar. This way you buy what you
  • Before you head to the check out stand, revisit the items in your basket. Ask yourself, do I need this? Was this on my list? Is it good for me?

AND…check out these tips for those of you out there shopping at Whole Foods to keep it from consuming your “whole paycheck”.



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