Back From Camp!

For the past five summers I have had the opportunity to be a camp counselor at Camp McCumber Type 1 Diabetes camp. This weeklong camp in beautiful and secluded Shingletown gives kids with Type 1 diabetes the opportunity to have a fun camp experience, all while learning more about their diabetes and under medical supervision of doctors, nurses, dietitians, and trained counselors. Each year camp provides amazing learning opportunities with new insulin pump technology, helping campers learn about nutrition choices, keeping track of carbohydrates, ensuring the correct insulin dosage at meals and snacks, and correcting blood sugars all during the day. It is so important for these kids to have a sense of community, where everyone tests blood sugars six to ten times a day, where it isn’t embarrassing when insulin pumps start beeping during the day, and of course having some good old-fashioned fun at camp with very little sleep!

I look forward to camp each year and feel lucky to be part of the camp family.

Now that camp is over, I am equally happy to be back at Healthy Steps—where there are far fewer mosquitos and I can sleep in my own bed. Camp reminds me each year how important food choices are for health, and I am looking forward to bringing some of the magic from camp to each nutrition visit.

Larissa Saschin, RD

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