Bariatric Surgery is not only for Weight Loss

As bariatric surgery has matured many benefits, beyond weight loss, have become more and more obvious. One of the most revolutionary of these realizations has been that weight loss surgery can actually improve or eliminate type II diabetes within days or weeks of surgery, even in those who are not obese. The idea that gastric bypass could be used for those who are not obese, but have type II diabetes may be a huge breakthrough in the fight against this silent killer. While the gastric bypass procedure is not yet approved for use in those who are not obese, there is a significant contingent of the medical community that believes that it could, and should be, in the near future. Research and testing is ongoing and will surely continue for many years to come, however the opportunities for disease resolution that bariatric surgery presents, for those who are not obese, is both exciting and encouraging.

In the meantime, should you or someone you know be suffering from obesity and the diseases associated with obesity, bariatric surgery is certainly an option to consider. When all other conservative weight loss programs have failed such as diet, exercise and physician-supervised weight loss, bariatric surgery can be an option. This is especially true if the patient is experiencing significant health issues as a result of their weight.

What bariatric surgery is not, however, is purely an aesthetic tool. The FDA, bariatric surgeons and the American Society for Metabolic and Bariatric surgery would all agree that bariatric procedures should not be performed on people who solely wish to lose weight and who do not need it to eliminate or avoid the diseases associated with morbid obesity.

All in all, there is a lot of promise for bariatric and metabolic surgery, both for the obese and non-obese population of the United States.

We will keep you informed as the research on bariatric surgery for type II diabetes unfolds.

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