Exercise after Bariatric Surgery

The way you live life after bariatric surgery will certainly be a huge adjustment. You will discover that you will now need to adapt to a brand new lifestyle. To some, this is a challenging task. While it is obvious that your nutrition and diet must be adjusted after surgery, some do not take in consideration how important and effective it is to exercise daily as well.

Exercising after bariatric surgery is a critically important tool in achieving weight loss success. You will find that after bariatric surgery, you will lose weight more rapidly, which can result in muscle loss. By exercising, you are helping your body build a lean and strong muscle structure while increasing your metabolism and boosting your energy levels.

No two people are the same. Everyone responds to exercise differently, so it is important that you make sure to start off slow. Your surgeon will provide you with exercise guidelines, which you must also follow. If you jump in too quickly, you may be less likely to achieve a full recovery and see the results you have been dreaming about.

Here are some exercise activities that are recommended for after surgery:

You can also keep an exercise journal by your side. Refer to it daily to make sure you are working all the muscles in your body and not just sticking to one specific area. We all have different way of exercising to lose weight, just make sure you find a routine that works best and stick to it, making sure you set reasonable goals for yourself. Good Luck!

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