Medical Food’s Effect on Alzheimer’s Disease- a review by Dr. Robert Woodbury

Dr. Robert Woodbury stated, “I was looking into more research on medical food* in nutrition and came across this fantastic article in Medscape. Dr. Philip Scheltens (Professor of Cognitive Neurology) was presenting the results of a 24 week study using medical food in the setting of very mild Alzheimer’s disease.

He and his colleagues randomized 2 groups of Alzheimer’s patients. One group received a medical food designed to improve brain function and the other group had a placebo. The group that had the medical food had a significant improvement in memory over the course of the study. At the end of the study, the patients who ended up the in the placebo group were then offered the medical food treatment and their memories improved as well.

This is fantastic research as it expands the role of medical food in the armamentarium of therapy. We already know that the medical food we use on our patients (@Healthy Steps Bariatric and Metabolic Center) with obesity, diabetes and cholesterol issues is an extremely powerful treatment. And this now expands the role of medical food into diseases such as Alzheimer’s. For me, as a student of nutrition, this is fantastic validation that there is indeed a role for nutrition and medical food in the armamentarium of modern medicine and I look forward to more research in this area.”


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