New York Times and Healthy Fats

Did you see this great article in the Science section of yesterday’s New York Times? In it, Dr. Richard Isaacson, the director of the Alzheimer’s Prevention Clinic at Weill Cornell Medicine and New York-Presbyterian, answers the question, “Could a low-fat diet contribute to memory problems?” His dietary recommendations sound a lot like what we’ve been saying here at Healthy Steps for years! Our program emphasizes the brain- and heart-healthy DHA & EPA omega-3 fats and the monounsaturated fats quintessential to the Mediterranean diet. We also guide our patients to limit consumption of pro-inflammatory omega-6s and dangerous trans fats. Want to understand more about how omega-3s and omega-6s impact inflammation (and therefore, risk of obesity, heart disease and even alzheimer’s)? Check out this video by our Medical Director Dr. Robert Woodbury. 


Lindsay Pasdera, MS RDN

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