Say NO to GMOs

Our patients often ask us, “What’s a GMO and are they as ‘bad’ as everyone says they are?” The scary truth is that in the U.S. up to 90% of the corn is genetically engineered, 94% of the soybeans, 94% of the cotton (used for cottonseed oil in food) and upwards of 75% of the processed foods on our grocery store shelves (Center for Food Safety). If that isn’t eye opening enough, let’s now look into the how and why our crops are genetically engineered. To genetically engineer a seed one directly manipulates the genome using biotechnology (Wikipedia) therefore making the seed resistant to herbicides (David Perlmutter). Herbicides are sprayed on the crops to resist bugs, mold and kill weeds but these poisons also remain on the food we consume (David Perlmutter).

The most commonly used herbicide in America is glyphosate, also known as Roundup® which has been studied by researcher Dr. Stephanie Seneff at M.I.T to threaten the human microbiome (Research Gate). In short, consuming these glyphosates has a strong connection to cancers tumors flourishing and direct impact to damaging our DNA, amino acid balance, removal of trace minerals and detoxification (David Perlmutter).

We strongly urge you to be consciously aware of the quality of foods you consume and how the food has been treated by the time it reaches your mouth. Your health matters!

For further reading and more detail, please see the following sites and research on this topic.

  1. David Perlmutter “The Real Reason GMO Matters”
  2. Research Gate’s “Glyphosate, pathways to modern diseases IV: cancer and related pathologies
  3. Center For Food Safety “About Genetically Engineered Foods”
  4. Dr. David Perlmutter and Dr. Stephanie Seneff Video “The Empowering Neurologist –Dr. Stephanie Seneff”

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