“Scientists tested 30 Apple iPhone fitness apps for the quality of their workouts."

“If browsing the Apple App Store for a fitness app and going through the hundreds of choices is enough to make your brain explode, check out this new study from the University of Florida.

Researchers rounded up 30 popular free fitness apps for the iPhone, dissected what they do, and compared this against American College of Sports Medicine guidelines for physical activity.

In scoring the apps, researchers looked at everything from warm-ups, cool-downs and stretching to safety and assigned them a score for three separate categories: aerobic exercise, strength/resistance and flexibility.

More than half the apps met some of the criteria for aerobic exercise, 90 percent for some strength/resistance, but many fell short in flexibility. In all, two-thirds did not meet any flexibility criteria, the researchers wrote in the Journal of Medical Internet Research.” (Washington Post)


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