Support Starts Before Surgery

When most of us think of bariatric support, we think of post-surgical groups and lifestyle changes. However support is extremely important and effective even before undergoing bariatric surgery or any other life-changing procedure.

Support before bariatric surgery is a lot easier than you may think. There are many resources available to those who are considering or have decided on bariatric surgery, but have not undergone the procedure. These resources can range from support groups to websites and online applications and even support tools provided by our practice and medical device manufacturers. One of the great advances we have seen in bariatric field is the availability of online and smart phone applications. These programs not only help track weight loss and weight loss goals, but also assist with recipes, calorie counts other amazingly useful tools. This alone can help a patient or someone considering bariatric surgery learn more about their bodies.

Here at Healthy Steps we understand the value of support both before and after surgery. And we know the support system with which you surround yourself is crucial to your long-term success. Starting your support regimen before you undergo surgery not only allows you to learn more about post-surgical lifestyle changes, but will also make them easier to implement. Further, losing some weight and getting healthier before surgery may actually reduce the possibility of a complication during or shortly after surgery.

To learn more about opportunities to start your support program before surgery, please give our office call we will be happy to direct you to the resources that we believe are suitable for your particular situation.

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