Undersanding Supplements

Vitamin and mineral supplementation after bariatric surgery is a very important part of staying healthy and losing weight safely. After surgery, your body will be going through many changes precipitated by the surgery itself as well as significantly reduced caloric intake and absorption. As a result many patients will find that their body needs a nutritional boost. Proper nutrition can help or avoid:

Nutritional supplementation may include vitamins B12, C and D as well as iron calcium and protein. Each of these vitamins and minerals can cause minor or major problems if not in equilibrium within the body

The decision on which brand of vitamins and supplements to choose can be a difficult one, especially because the industry is not regulated in the same way as pharmaceuticals. This is where we, or your bariatric practice, can become a great resource. In all likelihood your surgical practice, like ours, has taken the time to evaluate the different nutritional offerings from the wide variety of vendors out there. So consult with your surgical practice and dietician to understand the various offerings and which ones may be right for you.

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