What To Do if Your New Year’s Motivation is Waning

If you started out January all fired up about making big changes in your life and just aren’t as motivated now, as we approach mid-January–you’re not alone! Research shows the boost of motivation for self-improvement many of us get each January 1st only lasts about two weeks…which explains why only about 8% of people successfully achieve their New Year’s resolution. With statistics like that, it would be easy to get discouraged and just abandon our grand plans, but don’t give up yet. You CAN achieve meaningful changes in in the next months, especially with three key ingredients studies prove increase rates of success: real accountability, effective, research-based strategies and lots of support.

One-on-one appointments with our weight loss experts at Healthy Steps are a great way to get all three keys in one simple step. Start by calling or emailing to set up a consult to learn more about our services, or to schedule an initial weight management appointment. In your first appointment we’ll start educating you on the most cutting edge weight management strategies, emphasizing whole-body health all the while. There is so much information out there, much of it from dubious sources, about how to lose weight…a lot of the information is down right wrong and plenty of it is full-out dangerous.  Meeting with Registered Dietitians and Nutritionists means you are getting expert guidance so your efforts are SAFE and EFFECTIVE. Our expertise will help you set achievable goals and we’ll keep you accountable to all the action-steps you choose. I don’t know how many times I’ve had clients say to me, “I was going to eat that cookie but then I realized I’d have to tell you about it so I resisted!”

My favorite role as a weight management dietitian is being your cheerleader. I know, at a very personal level, how hard weight management is. We all need support and encouragement to keep at it and we love offering both, here at Healthy Steps. We are a warm, positive environment filled with kind, understanding staff. This is so key! My relationship to each client is the most important (and best) part of my job. We would love the opportunity to support you in your efforts to achieve a healthy weight and increase your overall wellness.

Call us at 707-546-7900 or email info@healthystepstlc.com to get started.

Here’s to your Health!

Registered Dietitian Nutritionist Lindsay

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