Emerging Concepts of Obesity

Dr. Woodbury spoke at the NCMA Regional Primary Care Spring Symposium regarding Metabolic Syndrome: Guidelines for Bariatric Surgery.

ASMBS Video: Obesity Surgery Helps People Reclaim Their Lives

Dr. Woodbury states, “Here is an inspirational video from the American Society for Bariatric and Metabolic Surgery.  Obesity is a disease and there are treatments.  See how bariatric surgery changes lives….”

Link between FTO, Ghrelin and Impaired Brain Food Cue Responsivity

“Polymorphism in the fat mass and obesity-associated gene (FTO) are associated with human obesity and obesity-prone behaviors, including increased food intake and a preference for energy-dense foods.” – Journal of Clinical Investigation (Volume 123 Number 8 August 13)

Mind over Milkshakes

Dr. Robert Woodbury of Healthy Steps Lifestyle Center in Santa Rosa, California, reviews the report from Yale University, “Mind Over Milkshakes: Mindset, Not Just Nutrients Determine Ghrelin Response” published by A. J.Crum, W. R. Corbin, K. D. Brownell and W. R. Salvoey

This report summarizes ‘their test to whether physiological situation as measured by the gut peptide ghrelin may vary depending on the mindset in which one approaches consumption of food’.

Children’s Nutrition and Healthy Eating

Dr. Robert Woodbury of Healthy Steps Lifestyle Center talks about childhood nutrition and how to get a healthier diet in our children because childhood obesity is running rampant. Get tips here…

Bioelectric Impedance Analysis

Dr. Robert Woodbury, of Healthy Steps Lifestyle Center, explains the importance of the Bioelectric Impedance Analysis testing.
The BIA test reads a patient’s lean mass, fat mass and cellular water composition. Watch the video for more insights.

Omega 3’s and Omega 6’s

Dr. Robert Woodbury, of Healthy Steps Lifestyle Center, explains the importance of healthy fats and fatty acids. They directly affect inflammation in one’s body which has been proven to be a link of obesity.

We want to DECREASE INFLAMMATION and omega 3’s in the form of EPA and DHA can help

Chianello Olive Oil

Not all olive oils are created equal. Dr. Robert Woodbury of Healthy Steps Lifestyle Center explains that the processing, speed of picking the olives, their state of ripeness and how the olives are pressed greatly matters. Watch to learn why olive oil is so important in your healthy diet due to it’s health benefits being that is a monounsaturated fatty acid, Omega-9.

Nuts about Nuts

Dr. Robert Woodbury says, “Go ahead, enjoy some mixed nuts!”

In a recent article, “Harvard study: Eating nuts may make you live longer”, published by New England Journal of Medicine, it was stated that, “regular nut eaters were less likely to die of cancer or heart disease – in fact, were less likely to die of any cause – during a 30-year Harvard study.”

Now see for yourself what Dr. Robert Woodbury says!


Dr. Robert Woodbury correlates bariatric surgery with the latest findings regarding Ghrelin and the FTO gene.

Probiotics and Weight Loss (part 1)

Dr. Robert Woodbury states that there is a role for probiotics in weight loss. Probiotics are involved in signaling the brain and the stress response. Probiotics also provide intestinal and digestive support and improve immune function.

Probiotics and Weight Loss (Part 2)

Dr. Robert Woodbury talks about probiotics and what they are doing to boost your gut micro flora. Probiotics are a dominant part of our wellbeing. Learn what types of micro flora matter…

Mediterranean Diet Prevents Cardiovascular Disease

Hear what Dr. Robert Woodbury has to say about the new study
“Primary Prevention of Cardiovascular Disease with Mediterranean Diet”
published by The New England Journal of Medicine.

The diet compared the standard Western diet vs. the Mediterranean diet supplemented with extra-virgin olive oil and/or nuts.

Outcome: In conclusion, in this primary prevention trial, it was observed that an energy-unrestricted Mediterranean diet, supplemented with extra-virgin olive oil and/or nuts, resulted in a substantial reduction in the risk of major cardiovascular events among high-risk persons. The results support the benefits of the Mediterranean diet for the primary prevention of cardiovascular disease.

The Whole Chicken Story (Part 1)

Watch as Dr. Robert Woodbury reviews America’s Test Kitchen / Cooks Illustrated  ” The Whole Chicken Story”. Purchasing a chicken to cook is no easy task. Given the myriad of brands and confusing labels, choosing the right bird has become more complicated than ever.

It’s All About the Egg (Part 2)

Chickens raised in the outdoors lay healthier eggs than those caged.
Research has shown eggs laid from outdoor chickens vs. caged chickens have the following:
4 times more Omega-3’s
More Vitamin E and A
More Beta Carotene

Calories In & Out

Dr. Robert Woodbury’s explains how calories in and out, metabolism, exercise and bariatric surgery can help with the equation to weight loss.

Is Obesity Linked with your Genetic Predisposition?

Dr. Robert Woodbury, with Healthy Steps Bariatric and Metabolic Center, answers the questions of “How important is genetics to the result of bariatric surgery?” and “”Is obesity linked with your genetic predisposition?”.

Glycemic Index vs Glycemic Load

Dr. Robert Woodbury explains how to help manage your blood sugar and insulin levels by understanding the Glycemic Load and Glycemic Index. It is important to maintain blood sugar and insulin levels for optimal health.

Disease of Obesity

Dr. Robert Woodbury, Medical Director at Healthy Steps Bariatric and Metabolic Center (Santa Rosa, California) touches on:

“Treating the Disease of Obesity”

1) genetic predisposition
2) physiological components (ie. derangement of hormones)
3) environmental factors (ie. stress, lack of nutrition)

All these factors equate to the cause of obesity.

Now learn how we can help you through guidance of nutrition, exercise, medical therapy and more at Healthy Steps Bariatric and Metabolic Center!