Here’s what our clients have to say about us:


“I chose the Healthy Steps Lifestyle Program for weight loss and with the help of the nutritionists, medical foods and supplement products I lost 43 pounds in 4 months. I’ve yo-yo dieted for 33 years trying many types of diets. Their nutritionists are like “nutrition encyclopedias” giving me tools, knowledge and support. The shakes and bars give my appetite the balance necessary to ward off cravings and enable me to make healthier food choices from the Mediterranean style diet, as well as giving me the energy to exercise.” – Donna 

“The Healthy Steps Lifestyle Program provides me with education, coaching, and tools that have helped me take charge of my life and regain my health. I’ve lost 16 pounds in 4 weeks, while eating lots of fresh, delicious food! My daily energy level has more than doubled since starting the program and on the supplements. I’m active and excited, enjoying the way it feels to be healthier every day, and enthusiastic about being alive! I love the personal, friendly, knowledgeable support I receive from the Healthy Steps team. Each member cares about me, encourages me, and cheers me on. Since joining this program, I feel younger and healthier every day!”  – Brenda 

I started my journey with Healthy Steps TLC in December 2011, when my husband had bariatric surgery. I was an insulin dependent Type II diabetic. My goal for 2012 was to come off the injections and possibly all my oral medications as well. I started a non-surgical approach with Healthy Steps TLC. I signed up for a twelve week program which involved working with nutritionists, weekly weigh-ins, and taking supplements including medical food. My husband and I follow a Mediterranean diet. Together we learned how to support each other’s journey. My focus was not about losing weight. It was about learning to respect my body and getting a healthy new lifestyle. Weight loss is a nice side benefit. I started by following the new food plan, taking the supplements, and exercising.

The supplements and protein powder can be considered expensive but I would rather buy them than pay $40 copays for designer prescription medicine. In those first three months I came off the insulin. I see Dr. Robert Woodbury for the medical part of this equation. I not only was insulin dependent diabetic but had metabolic syndrome. I no longer have the syndrome and I am a person who has their diabetes in control. My last HA1c was 6.9. This result was with taking 1 oral diabetic medication and my supplements. I do follow a strict food plan 95% of the time. I exercise 5 times a week. I enjoy water aerobics, morning workouts with weight training, walking, and yoga. The other piece of my success is managing my stress by Psychotherapy and Yoga.

It’s been one year since I began the Healthy Steps Program. I feel better than I have in 20 years. I have regained vitality. Life is good. Dr. Robert Woodbury and the Healthy Steps team have changed my life by changing my lifestyle. This team is the most caring, compassionate, supportive, and nonjudgmental folks I have ever worked with.” – Marybeth 

“I had bariatric surgery 4 years ago with Dr. Woodbury and Healthy Steps Bariatric program.  He and his group put together a very comprehensive pre-surgery program.  The program helped me immensely with the transitions that both my body and mindset went through before surgery.

Now, 4 years have flown by (and 105lbs, too), and I was looking for some extra support for a day to day eating plan to protect my progress.  When I had my surgery, Healthy Steps didn’t have a specific nutritional support program for after surgery.  (They did, of course, have post surgery support from Dr. Woodbury.)

I went thru a rough patch of unhealthy eating habits.  I was very pleased to find that they’ve added the Healthy StepsTherapeutic Lifestyle Center, a 3-tier support center here in Santa Rosa.  Working with Nutrition Educator Eileen, I am now back on track.  One of the best things for me is to have Dr. Woodbury’s recommendations for quality, proven supplements.  I no longer have to guess which ones to purchase over the web.  And besides that, I’m supporting a local business, to boot.  That’s what I call a definite win/win” – Mel 

“A physician friend of mine in Santa Rosa referred me to the Healthy Steps Lifestyle Center during my recovery from an unexpected illness.My goal was to get stronger and have more energy. Since starting the program I have safely gained 11 pounds of muscle and lost 7 pounds of fat! WIth the help of the nutrition and lifestyle educators I have a better understanding of how to eat for my own metabolism. I sleep better and have less stress. I have finished the intensive phase and continue to check in monthly and have my body composition analysis done. My health has never been more valuable to me and I’m thankful for the team at Healthy Steps for all their support.” – Kevin