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Whether you’re a bariatric surgery patient or simply someone who wants to get healthy, losing weight for long-term success requires a healthy body as well as a healthy mind. The team of weight loss experts at Healthy Steps Weight Loss Center in Santa Rosa, California, understands this, and that’s why you have access to behavioral health specialists as you move through your weight loss journey. To learn more about the comprehensive weight loss program and its behavioral health components, call the office to schedule an appointment now.

Behavioral Health Q & A

What kind of behavioral health issues do obese patients suffer?

While it varies considerably from one patient to another, some issues tend to be fairly common among obese patients. Some common problems include depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder, and attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder.

There’s no doubt that obesity can impact mental health, and the Healthy Steps Weight Loss Center team understands this connection. To enjoy optimal mental health, and better whole-body health by extension, Healthy Steps Weight Loss Center offers behavioral health support for all patients who need it.

What kind of counseling do I need before bariatric surgery?

It's important to have a behavioral health evaluation prior to your bariatric surgery. With bariatric surgery of any type, your goal is to lose extra weight and become healthier in the process. Mental health is a very important component of overall health and wellness, and that's one reason that a behavioral health evaluation before your bariatric surgery is so important.

Your pre-surgery evaluation can verify that you understand the planned surgery. A behavioral health evaluation is often required by insurance companies that are covering bariatric surgery.

What happens during my pre-surgery evaluation?

The team and you discuss your relationship with food, your history with dieting, and past weight loss results. During your evaluation, you can learn valuable information. For example, your psychologist can help you determine your areas of strength and areas of vulnerability in regards to food. This is information you can use after surgery to help you achieve optimal success.

If you’re struggling both physically and mentally to lose weight, Healthy Steps Weight Loss Center has solutions for you. Call the office to make your appointment today.