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A detailed body composition analysis can help you make sure that you lose unwanted fat rather than precious muscle tissue. At Healthy Steps Weight Loss Center in Santa Rosa, California, you have a bioelectric impedance analysis every week. This computerized reading reveals your fat-mass and other crucial info at a glance. Your dietitian helps you correct any imbalances right away so you can stay healthy and happy. Book your appointment by calling today.

Body Composition Analysis Q & A

What is body composition analysis?

Healthy Steps Weight Loss Center uses a state-of-the-art system, bioelectric impedance, to evaluate your body composition data including your body fat and lean muscle levels. You undergo a bioelectric impedance analysis every week while you're in the 12-week metabolic reset program at Healthy Steps Weight Loss Center.

How does body composition analysis work?

Your Healthy Steps Weight Loss Center care provider attaches two small electrodes to your right hand, and two to your right foot. A painless low-level current moves through your body. The way that the current moves depends on your body composition.

The current moves through any tissue with lots of fluid (water) with ease, but it's more difficult for it to travel through dense fat. The machine calculates how resistant your body tissues are to the current to determine your body's water level as well as your body fat and your lean muscle mass.

Why do I need bioelectric impedance?

Bioelectric impedance is such a helpful tool for a few different reasons. First, it helps you keep track of your fat loss. With any weight loss program, the goal is never dropping lean muscle mass. When you have lean muscle mass, you're better able to burn fat, you're in better physical condition, and you can enjoy better overall health.

But excess fatty tissue does exactly the opposite: It worsens your health and can even put you at risk for serious issues like diabetes. So losing extra fat is the goal and bioelectric impedance helps you see your progress towards that goal on a weekly basis.

Another important benefit of body composition analysis is that it tells you about the changes in your body that don't necessarily show up on the scale.

For example, you may feel discouraged if you hit a weight loss plateau and don't see the numbers dropping on the scale for a week or two. The body composition analysis might reveal the encouraging fact that you're losing fat mass and replacing it with lean muscle. From there, weight loss will continue.

Want to learn more about how a body composition analysis can help you reach your weight loss goals? Call Healthy Steps Weight Loss Center today.