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Good nutrition is crucial to healthy weight loss — but it can be challenging to implement the changes you need for lifelong weight loss without some guidance. The team at Healthy Steps Weight Loss Center in Santa Rosa, California, specializes in healthy weight loss, which starts with customized nutrition advice and comprehensive support. Call to book your appointment today.

Nutrition Q & A

What kind of nutrition plan will I use for weight loss?

At Healthy Steps Weight Loss Center, you’ll get customized nutritional counseling throughout your weight loss journey. During your one-on-one nutritional counseling sessions, your dietitian at Healthy Steps Weight Loss Center tailors a low-glycemic modified Mediterranean or low-carb eating plan just for you.

You start with a 12-week intensive program that resets your metabolism, and then continue on with monthly visits throughout your weight loss journey. Your dietitian adjusts your diet as needed to help you reach your goals and feel your best.

Why is low-glycemic nutrition so good for health and wellness?

Low-glycemic index diet is similar to a standard low-carb diet in some ways, but it allows select carbs. When you eat low-glycemic foods, you’re eating protein along with the healthy carbs that don’t cause huge blood sugar spikes. With stable blood sugar, you can process and eliminate food effectively.

Low-glycemic eating also helps with health conditions like diabetes. Some patients at Healthy Steps Weight Loss Center have been able to reduce or eliminate their diabetes medication with medical guidance by following a healthy low-glycemic index eating plan and losing extra weight.

Do I need to exercise to lose weight on my nutrition plan?

Regular exercise helps you lose weight, and also improves your whole-body health. In the beginning of your weight loss journey, you may not feel up to exercising a lot if you have physical limitations. Your Healthy Steps Weight Loss Center team takes that into account when designing a realistic activity plan to help you lose weight faster.

As you start dropping pounds and inches, you’ll notice that you feel better and better. You may increase your activity level accordingly, and your Healthy Steps Weight Loss Center team can adjust your eating plan based on your activity changes.

How can I make sure my nutrition is on track?

You meet with your dietitian at Healthy Steps Weight Loss Center regularly for support. You can also monitor your nutrition at home with testing kits like the Omega Quant® omega-3 testing kits. These kits check your omega-3 fatty acids to make sure you’re getting the nutrition you need to succeed.

Need nutrition that works for your busy lifestyle? Reach out to Healthy Steps Weight Loss Center for customized help today.