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Eating healthy and maintaining stable blood sugar are important steps in your weight loss plan — but reaching optimal health while losing weight can sometimes be challenging. That’s where supplements can help. At Healthy Steps Weight Loss Center in Santa Rosa, California, your care providers include a medical doctor and dietitians who customize a supplements plan based on your blood work results. Call the office to get started today.

Supplements Q & A

Why are supplements so important?

When you’re losing weight, it can be extremely difficult to get all the nutrients you need from food alone. This may be especially true following bariatric surgery because you’re limiting your food intake so significantly.

The bariatric surgeon and trained dietitians at Healthy Steps Weight Loss Center fully understand how important it is to maintain optimal nutrition as you move through your weight loss journey. For this reason, they offer a wide range of medical grade supplements that you can take as needed.

How do I know which supplements I need?

Your blood work reveals deficiencies that proper supplementation can correct, so your Healthy Steps Weight Loss Center care providers create a personalized supplementation plan for you. You may need vitamins D, C or B12, iron, a multivitamin, or other supplements to stay healthy as you lose weight.

Do I still need supplements if I drink meal replacement products?

It depends on your specific situation. Sometimes after bariatric surgery, you may have difficulty eating at first. Meal replacement products like those from Metagenics® or other medical grade supplement companies can give you all the nutrition you need at once. But, it’s very important to use meal replacement products as directed by your medical care providers.

Depending on your blood work and what type of deficiencies that you have, you have use meal replacement products occasionally but also take supplements. As you recover from your bariatric surgery or go through the weight loss program, your Healthy Steps Weight Loss Center care providers monitor your health and make supplement changes as needed.

How long will I need to take supplements?

It depends on your specific nutrient deficiencies and individual body composition. Most men and women, including post-bariatric surgery patients, benefit from supplementation while in the active phase of weight loss. You may also need to continue supplementation when you’re in the maintenance phase of your weight loss, depending on what your blood work reveals.

To learn more about how medical grade supplements can help you maintain great health while you lose weight, call Healthy Steps Weight Loss Center today.